Manage, Optimize and Monetize Mobile Messaging

Service innovation is vital to maintain strong growth and counter intense competition in any telecom market. The ability to continuously provide compelling content and engaging services and applications to subscribers is a key growth driver for operators. These offerings, or Value Added Services (VAS), can enable operators to retain subscribers on their network, develop alternative revenue streams and create differentiation.

MTC’s USSD suite has immense potential to enhance operators’ service offerings, create better visibility and improve end-user experience. MTC’s USSD suite provides the operator a faster way to interact with its subscriber base whilst at the same time enabling the creation and launch of new services in just a few minutes. It also empowers the operator to leverage the vast number of ‘ready to launch’ applications available with MTC or just make use of the application platform where operators have the flexibility to customize applications as per their requirements.

MTC’s USSD Suite is an end-to-end solution that sets new standards for user experience, interactivity, usability and mobile content consumption.

MTC’s USSD Suite comprises of

MTC’s USSD Gateway delivers high-speed interactive content to mobile subscribers, linking content providers to end users and maintaining real-time interaction, without consuming large amounts of bandwidth.

MTC’s USSD ALP-F (Application Launch Pad – Framework) provides a service creation environment on a single platform, enabling management of all internal and external applications involved in delivering value added services to the mobile user.

By delivering a wide array of innovative, market-ready mobile applications, MTC’s portfolio of USSD applications stimulate new service uptake, driving traffic on the network and enhancing operator revenues.

MTC’s ACE (Application Creation Environment) provides operators with an easy to use ‘click and drag’ GUI for application creation and testing. This enables operators to take advantage of the short window of opportunities by quickly launching new applications.

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