Integrated Messaging Platform

Integrated Messaging Platform

Speed service Delivery and Optimizing Messaging Infrastructure

The messaging landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Operators, already facing fragmentation of their messaging infrastructure due to multiple SMSC deployments, USSD implementations and MMSC investments, now need to incorporate content, apps and social networking into their messaging propositions to meet consumer demands.

By adopting a flexible, unified approach to messaging services’ provision, MTC’s Integrated Messaging Solution enables management of multiple services and channels, and provides a single point of control and management for the operator’s entire messaging infrastructure.

Integrated Messaging simplifies management of the complete messaging lifecycle – from service creation and deployment to service management and maintenance – the Integrated Messaging Solution places greater control in the hands of the mobile operator, enabling them to create new campaigns across channels, faster service launch, and implementation of enhanced operational efficiencies from a common GUI.

The platform comes with a single floating licence, which can be used across various delivery channels based on the traffic requirements. Also, it enables operators to have better message management and control by offering single reporting tool which provides end-to-end visibility of all transactions, capacity utilization, and subscriber activity across channels.

Taking an open-standards approach to enable greater flexibility, the solution seamlessly handles third-party components, ensuring new services can be launched rapidly and at a small incremental cost.

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