As a Telco, you need to boost an always-on, always-available infrastructure. MTC offers an integrated Network, System, and Applications monitoring solution that provides an end-to-end advanced monitoring and managing capabilities for heterogeneous and often complex IT environments. As Telecommunications companies grow in size and complexity, they require greater control and management of their IT infrastructure. MTC comes with a unified platform that provides total control and management of your heterogeneous network infrastructures.

Distributed Architecture

MTC possesses a distributed, but data centric, architecture. This highly scalable architecture ensures that your monitoring system can be scaled up with the growth of your network and on track with a high quality of service for new rolled out services.

This geographically distributed deployment enables large enterprises with multiple locations to manage their end-to-end network efficiently with low investments and operational cost without compromising on efficiency.

Event and Alarm Management

Alarms and Events views in MTC provide real-time visibility into the entire network, presenting current and historical summary at the site level and also locating the most unstable devices or resources. These events display non-reachable devices, unavailable resources, pre-defined and customized performance thresholds, SNMP traps, syslogs, etc. The ability to add comments to the alarms and events provides efficient operations of larger setups with multiple network operators.

MTC provides powerful Event Correlation techniques helping the users to focus on the root cause of the problem and improve their MTTR along with the stability and quality of their services. The Topology Dependent Event Correlation Algorithm enables event correlation of the alarms based on the auto-discovered and manually configured network topology dependency relationships.

Intuitive Notification, Escalation, and Acknowledgement

Whenever your system or infrastructure fails or breaches the Service levels, MTC intuitively sends notifications to the concerned operators. MTC provides multiple notification mechanisms such as Email, SMS, Beep, and System Batch File Notifications. With its powerful multi-grouping mechanism in notification coupled with correlation technologies, MTC sends notifications to multiple operators and multiple hierarchies. The escalation and acknowledgement features ensure that the critical alarms are addressed by the operators in time, ensuring the high service levels promised to the customer.

SNMP Trap Management

MTC supports SNMP traps from devices and converts them to respective alarms and events and provides powerful correlation, notification, and escalation mechanisms on the received SNMP traps. The SNMP traps are converted to easily understandable information for operators and the event comments provide detailed information to be shared between multiple operators.

Performance Management

MTC monitors the performance of your network devices and traffic patterns. It monitors the availability and utilization of Interface traffic, CPU, Memory, Disk, etc. The various reporting and views enable network engineers or CIOs to analyze and comprehend the current network behavior and predict future trends.

End-to-End Monitoring

MTC’s N2N emulates a real-user experience and finds the overall response time of the application, server, and the network. The integrated view on the user-experienced response times with the actual network, server, and application QoS parameters enable operators to find the root cause of any degraded services across heterogeneous networks, network devices, servers, and applications.

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