Messaging Solutions

Messaging Solutions

Accelerating Top-line Growth with Robust Messaging Solutions

Globally, messaging traffic volumes continue to surge, fuelled by the use of the medium by a variety of content, commerce and community applications. This trend is set to continue with mobile messaging traffic projected to grow from 8 trillion in 2010 to 17 trillion messages in 2016.

This sustained growth is straining operators’ messaging infrastructure. Many operators currently address capacity constraints by deploying additional messaging centres – a capital and operationally intensive approach. Rather than horizontally scaling P2P messaging resources, operators need to focus on remodeling messaging traffic to cut costs and bring greater efficiencies into messaging infrastructure planning.

MTC’s highly scalable and available messaging solutions empower operators to efficiently manage the growing traffic volumes and enable optimal collaboration within the wider ecosystem

By adopting a flexible, unified approach to messaging services’ provision, MTC Integrated Messaging Platform enables management of multiple services and channels, and provides a single point of control and management for the operator’s entire messaging infrastructure.

An end-to-end portfolio of SMS solutions that enables fast and reliable SMS message delivery whilst cost-effectively handling increased traffic volumes. Offering rich communication features, SMSP also drives revenue growth.

A widely deployed platform delivering high availability and capacity to meet the rapid growth in overall P2P and A2P multi-media traffic, whilst optimizing operator investment.

A market-leading suite of solutions that ensures message delivery over a high-speed, secure platform whilst enabling rapid application development, with a service creation platform supporting rapid, cost-effective service launch.

Supports content providers in successfully and rapidly launching new content to diverse subscriber segments using push-based services across various messaging interfaces.

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