MVNE is an interface between mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and mobile network operators (MNOs), facilitating and managing the business relations between them. In short, within this ecosystem:

  • Maverick Telecommunication installs the technical platform necessary for the integration and efficient management of several MVNOs within an MNO
  • the MVNO leases Maverick Telecommunication platform and launches its operations on the market without having its own technical infrastructure
  • the MVNO is technically integrated with Maverick Telecommunication platform, including for its own systems (Web portal), reports, financial data exports etc.
  • the MVNO signs a contract for the acquisition of wholesale mobile services (voice, sms, data etc.) with the MNO

MVNE can offers a complete technological platform allowing MVNOs to launch their business on the market with minimum investments and without telecom expertise being necessary. At the same time, the platform helps the mobile operator easily manage the partnerships with MVNOs, at no extra costs.

Benefits for the MVNO
  • Reduced initial investments, consisting in a single installation and configuration fee
  • “Pay as you grow” model – costs pro rata with revenues
  • Quick launch on the market, without telecom experience being necessary
  • Short time to launch, high customisation
  • Easy and efficient management through Web interfaces
  • Maverick Telecommunication expertise in MVNO field and in the telecommunications industry overall
  • Stable platform, using state of the art technologies
  • Reports on system performance
Benefits for the MNO
  • Integration with a single technological platform, irrespective of the number of MVNOs
  • Minimum impact on the existing operations and business in progress
  • Low costs for managing the partners
  • Additional revenue sources – sale of network access to MVNOs addressing niche segments or implementing acquisition/loyalty schemes for customers of other industries
  • The integration with MVNE platform may be extended at any time so as to offer additional functionalities
Maverick Telecommunication can facilitate MVNEs to allows a quick launch of MVNOs based on the infrastructure of a mobile operator, by managing and facilitating the business relationships between the two entities.

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