SMS Platform

SMS Platform

Fast, Scalable, Cost-Efficient SMS Message Delivery

Globally, SMS has shown sustained growth over period of time. According to Ovum Research, messaging traffic volumes are expected to register marginal year on year growth from 6.3 trillion in 2010 to 8 trillion in 2015. Until now, the operator’s messaging infrastructure has evolved sporadically, with telecommunication services providers making frequent investments to augment capacity in an endeavor to control congestion and minimize its negative impact on quality of service. This has resulted in a highly complex spaghetti-like messaging transport environment, with a diversity of components from multiple vendors – leading to inefficient messaging load distribution within the network.

Moreover, the telecom industry has witnessed a dip in the margins per message. This has factored, owing to situations like reduced price of SMS, bundled offer etc. As a result, operators are ever looking for new scope of revenue generation.

MTC’s SMS Platform extends the capacity in the current network by optimally distributing network load and traffic flows, or by introducing message controller elements that can generate significant traffic offloads. In this way, SMS Platform introduces traffic management controls, whilst consolidating network access and enabling services integration. Maverick Telecommunication’s SMS Platform offers a range of traffic handling options, tailored to the operator’s messaging needs, to improve transaction performance on the network, and significantly de-escalates SMS infrastructure costs.

MTC’s transformative approach assesses current SMS network architecture, analyzes the characteristics and the flow of messaging traffic patterns, anticipates growth trends and then brings together a relevant set of technologies, approaches and capabilities to optimize the operator’s SMS infrastructure.

The SMS Platform portfolio includes

Powers smooth delivery of the rapidly growing volumes of A2P and P2P messages

Provides seamless support of mass application based traffic to free-up expensive P2P messaging capacity

Ensures efficient delivery of increasing volumes of SMS, without requiring high levels of network investment

Delivers a unique set of features to enhance the user’s SMS experience in an increasingly commoditized space

Enables an immediate response to new threats via an innovative rule-based screening and filtering engine

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