Mobile Inbound SMS

Mobile Inbound SMS

SMS is more than a one-way ‘push’ mechanism. With Maverick Telecommunication`s Mobile Inbound SMS Service (also known as SMS-MO) companies can interact with customers, employees or other stakeholders via text messaging, which can be vital for anything from marketing campaigns to social networking and even enterprise applications.

The importance for mobile numbers for inbound services

Mobile phone numbers are a powerful tool to effectively reach businesses and consumers. With SMS-enabled virtual mobile numbers companies can easily ensure interactive 2-way messaging for a wide range of services, from marketing campaigns to social networking and even enterprise applications. Our inbound SMS service provides international and local numbers and is available worldwide.

Maverick Telecommunication uses long numbers, which are globally-reachable numbers that provide a truly global single number for communication. There are sufficient long numbers available to assign one long number per user. These are charged according to standard tariffs – no premium fees. All of these benefits offer a compelling alternative to short codes.

Key benefits

  • Let consumers interact with your brand or services
  • Enable international mobile dialogue
  • Power reliable and fast SMS
  • Reliable and scalable infrastructure, able to process high volumes of incoming SMS in short timeframes.

Using mobile inbound services

  • Enable 2-way SMS interactivity in social networking, virtual dating & micro-blogging.
  • Enhance enterprise communications and interaction with geographically dispersed subscribers and/or staff with 2-way SMS.
  • Enable interactive entertainment such as TV/radio voting, text-to-win campaigns, competitions, SMS lottery and gaming and much more.

Service Users

  • Messaging aggregators and resellers
  • Mobile content providers
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)
  • Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs)

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